Story Moss & Stone Floral Design

Brigitte's floral story is inspired by the season, garden flowers, foliage and the Suffolk countryside - letting nature speak for itself - in the garden and vase. 

floral design by brigitte girling

Wild, organic, natural and romantic - letting nature speak for itself - in the garden and vase.

Image - Brigitte Girling

Image - Brigitte Girling

Hello I’m Brigitte and I just simply love flowers!  

A subtle detail in an arching stem, an unfurling leaf or a perfect petal all inform and influence my floral art. Expect bashful hellebores in winter, delicate blossom in spring, garden roses in summer and bold dahlias in autumn: delicious, subtle scents, twisty stems searching the light and petals that tremble on the breeze.

My floral designs draw on the traditions of rambling, overgrown, English gardens, the ever-changing seasons and the wild beauty of the Suffolk countryside around me.

Seasonality and provenance are very important to me so I prefer to use flowers and foliage naturally available at their peak of perfection to maintain an honesty and enchantment for myself and for you.

Consequently, I have an ever-expanding cutting garden and I use these lovingly grown flowers and delicate additions of trails, vines and foliage as a basis and inspiration for my designs. I source the best seasonal flowers from carefully selected growers and suppliers, many local, allowing me to weave together my romantic, untamed and nostalgic style.

I treat flowers with all the reverence deserved of such a beautifully natural product and with a respect to the environment that they come from and we live in. Therefore my arrangements are designed into water, avoiding the use of floral foam, ensuring the environmental impact of your event is minimised.

I am looking forward to creating something really beautiful just for you!


I provide flowers for a few special, intimate weddings and events each year and I love sharing my knowledge and passion when teaching my flower workshops. I also really enjoy collaborations, styled shoots and editorial work. 



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