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A seasonal pow wow

CG_170805 _101_0206.jpg

The Four Seasons Project was dreamt up to push all the collaborators to feel the boundaries of our various comfort zones. But when Jesse Quin, the brains behind Old Jet at Bentwaters, suggested we 'do' a slightly smaller version in front of a live audience at a recent PowWow event we really felt challenged!

The idea was really simple! We had 2 hours, starting with an empty room, to build the set, paint the backdrop, complete hair, makeup and wardrobe and nail the shot all in front of a merry evening audience! Yeah - really simple! It was harvest time so the theme choice was easy and we used half the normal set size but even so we worried that we really had bitten off more than we could chew! But amazingly with some good team talks and planning plus a bit of a rehearsal, we actually pulled it off and even better the audience seemed to love it! So much so, the set turned into an mad impromptu photo booth - but I'd better not show you those pictures!

But I can show you the team photo! What a bunch!

Back row - left to right

Ian Sedge - Artist   Julie Paul - Costume   Craig Girling - Photographer   Andy Greenacre - Photographers Assistant

Front row - left to right

Me! - Brigitte Girling - Floral Design   Abi Driver - Hair   Leanna Stella - Make-Up

Pole position

Lorna Hill - Model & JMM's Face of Suffolk 2017

Image Craig Girling | Florals - Moss & Stone Floral Design


Main Photography - Craig Girling

Photographers assistant - Andy Greenacre

Floral Styling - Brigitte Girling  Moss & Stone Floral Design

Set Artist - Ian Sedge

Make-up - Leanna Stella

Hair - Abi Driver

Model - Lorna from JMMSuffolk 

Costume - Julie Paul

Venue - Old Jet