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the innocence of spring

Image - Craig Girling

Spring for me is all about my ultimate favourite flower - cow parsley - or as they say in Suffolk sheeps parsley (leading to many heated discussions about the correct nomenclature).  However Spring came very early and quickly this year which nearly caught us out on our third shoot for our four seasons project. Busy schedules and Spring rapidly morphing into Summer meant that squeezing in a week to plan, set up and execute this image was in the end impossible. So not to be defeated, we worked over the weekend around everyone's commitments to pull together this gorgeous, fresh, late spring piece of froth and loveliness. This team really goes above and beyond - the camaraderie, the learning and shared experience and of course the laughs makes it so worthwhile. I love working with them so much. 

However, rather like last time, knowing we only have to deliver on one more image to complete the set I am feeling the pressure enormously for the Summer image! Oh and just for fun (because its certainly not for our sanity) we're throwing together a small live photoshoot before then at Old Jet during the August 5th Pow Wow get together. In front of a watching, slightly inebrieated audience - now thats not scary at all. 

Image - Craig Girling
Image - Craig Girling
Image - Craig Girling
Image - Craig Girling


Main Photography - Craig Girling

Photographers assistant - Andy Greenacre

Floral styling - Brigitte Girling Moss & Stone Floral Design

Behind the Scenes Photography - Nick Ilott

Set Artist - Ian Sedge

Make-up - Leanna Stella

Hair - Lydia Brooks

Model - Amber from JMMSuffolk 

Costume - Julie Paul

Venue - Old Jet